What About The Children? campaigns for policies that promote prevention rather than intervention to protect the emotional well being of all children. It speaks for the emotional needs of under threes at All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG's) concerned with children, at the Early Childhood Forum, and Save Childhood Movement.


What About The Children? Opinion Survey 2018

Typically a survey is set up to gain a snap-shot of a present-time state of affairs/opinion (Denscombe, 1998, 'The Good University Guide'). This was the intention at What About the Children? when it commissioned a survey to ascertain public opinion on a range of topics with respect to the care of children under three. Opinion Survey January 2018 CHILDCARE SHOULD COST MORE, NOT LESS

Joint meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group(APPg)  for Children and APPG Conception to Age 2-The First 1001 Days.

The critical first 1,001 days of life has achieved prominence as the subject of two Select Committee inquiries and a new cross-government Ministerial Group. However, despite the increased recognition of the importance of this life-stage, it was given very little mention in the Government's recent green paper on children's mental health. What About The Children? will be attending this joint meeting which provides an opportunity to hear from parliamentarians, Ministers and civil servants about work that is underway in Westminster and Whitehall. This is a timely opportunity to discuss how Government policy can support the social and emotional development of young children in order to give them the best start in life.


What About The Children? is one of an alliance of supporters, including MPs and Ministers from the coalition parties and opposition, charities, community groups, academics, think tanks and professional experts working towards the goal to reduce child maltreatment by 70% by the year 2030

What About The Children? is a member of ECF and worked on drafting the Charter for Early Childhood. The Early Childhood Forum (ECF) brings together membership organisations from across the early childhood sector to debate issues, celebrate differences and develop consensus.

pdfThe Early Childhood Forum – Charter for Early Childhood

Nurseries told: 'stop separating young children by age' - Article in The Daily Telegraph 2nd September 2014

Letter published - the Guardian 18th August 2014

pdfGuardian 18th August 2014