Raising awareness about the never-changing emotional needs of children under three in our ever-changing society.

CampaignsWe know beyond any doubt that the first 3 years of life shape a child's future for ever, out of all proportion to the rest of childhood. When their first 3 years are right, it brings huge benefits not only to the child but for the whole of society. This raises important questions not just about children and parents but more importantly for us all.

What About The Children? campaigns to prevent the emotional neglect of infants, calling on government, professionals and employers to institute policies and practice that support mothers with children under three to ensure that every child receives high quality, consistent, responsive loving care during their formative first three years.

Why children under three?

The brain grows to 90% of adult size by the age of three. From neurobiological research we know that during the earliest months of life the right hemisphere of the brain is developing particularly rapidly. This is the functioning area for intuitive skills needed for relationships, emotions and empathic understanding. During this period the majority of the synaptic links between the brain cells are formed; constant, close, loving emotional contact is vital for stimulating this synaptic development. We know from the research on Romanian orphans deprived of loving care in their first 36 months that their brains, at age 3, were measurably smaller than those of healthy well nurtured babies, in some cases by as much as one third.

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What About The Children? letter to Rt Hon. Norman Lamb MP Chair of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee for the inquiry and report into early years intervention March 2019

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