What about mothers working outside of the home?

In the UK, maternity leave arrangements recognise the importance for mothers to be able to spend time with their babies during the very early months.

As far as the wellbeing of the baby is concerned the most important thing is that the child should have consistent and loving care when the mother is absent. This means the presence of an adult who not only cares for the child (i.e. its physical needs) but also cares about the child. (i.e. has a warm and loving relationship).

It is important - for the emotional wellbeing of the infant - to have a long induction phase with a carer who is a stranger to the infant. Otherwise, an infant who is already attached to the mother will experience separation anxiety and fear of strangers. He will need time – maybe several weeks – before he feels safe to be left with the new carer. It is easier for a child to become attached to a relative, nanny or childminder than a carer in a day care setting; staff turnover and the presence of multiple carers reduce the opportunity for a secure attachment to develop between the infant and one particular carer.