The Essential First Years  (Keynote speech at 2012 Conference)

pdfThe Essential First Years

Dr. Penelope Leach summed up her wide-ranging presentation by saying, “how babies are treated really matters”. Young babies who are nurtured, talked to and played with attentively by one secure attachment figure – most often, but not always, the mother – with other caring adults as secondary attachment figures, will almost invariably thrive, and public policy should be directed towards helping parents to find the time, skills and resources to invest in their children particularly in the essential first year of life.


Why My Buggy Matters

pdfWhy My Buggy Matters

The central hypothesis guiding Dr Suzanne Zeedyk's buggy research was that the direction a buggy faces matters. Does it face the pusher or does it face outward?


Who Will Look After My Baby Best?

pdfWho Will Look After My Baby Best?

We believe that, in an ideal world, every mother should have the choice to look after her own young children. However, many parents today feel they have little alternative than to go quickly back to work.


A Special Bond, A Special Time: The First Three Years

pdfA Special Bond, A Special Time: The First Three Years

Attachment is the start of your baby being able to reach out successfully to others, first to people around him at home, maybe his father, brothers and sisters, extended family, and family friends.


Meeting The Emotional Needs Of Under-Threes in Daycare

pdfMeeting The Emotional Needs Of Under-Threes in Daycare

Contributions from professionals interested in child care issues, attending a discussion group led by Chris Ponsford, Development Director, at the What About The Children? Annual Conference 2006


Singing To Your Baby (Carol Mannion)

pdfSinging To Your Baby

Singing is known to be most beneficial to the growing child, helping to make connections and furthering brain development


Note: In these information leaflets we refer to your baby as a boy. This is to avoid any confusion when reference is being made to the mother.